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Financial Literacy Month & Money Smart Week Resources: For Children

The purpose of this guide is to assist library patrons and users learn the basics of financial literacy and the banking & financial systems.

US Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change

Boy Stacking Pennies


Coins are cool! You can have fun with them and learn about them at the same time! The United States Mint H.I.P. Pocket Change has games, cartoons, and information about everything from collecting to how coins are made. Now just learn to make heads or tails of it all!

Money as You Grow

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Created by the President's Advisory Council on Financial Capability, the Money As You Grow initiative introduces 20 financial milestones over 5 age categories (3-5) (6-10) (11-13) (14-18) (18+), and includes great activities for parents to do with their children.


Would you like a better way to keep track of your allowance?  Try Bankaroo, a virtual bank started by an 11-year-old entrepreneur and her father. Set and complete goals to earn money, make deposits and withdrawals all without "real" money ever changing hands.

For Grown Ups

Ways Kids Use Money by Age Range infographicAre you a teacher looking for ideas to teach finance in the classroom? Are you a parent who is unsure how to approach your child about money? Check out these great sites!

Money Math: Lessons for Life
A four-lesson curriculum supplement for middle school math classes, teaching grade 7-9 math concepts using real-life examples from personal finance.

U.S. Mint For Teachers
A comprehensive guide of activities, resources and lesson plans to teach students all about coins.

Money Management International: Youth and Money
A website targeted towards parents to help them learn how to plan for and raise money smart children.

Practical Money Skills

Learn all about spending and saving with these fun games! Be sure to check out Financial Football, Financial Soccer and Money Metropolis.


The Mint provides tools and games so you can learn how to manage money wisely and develop good financial habits: the building blocks for a secure future.

7 Ways Kids Can Earn Money

Sesame StreetLet your favorite Sesame Street characters teach you all about spending and saving!


Addition and Substraction Games and Videos

Talking Cents: Teaching Financial Basics to Young Children

Whether they wish to become a farmer, a night club owner, an accountant or a personal assistant, these fun games are perfect for teaching older children basic financial skills.