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Vertical File Index: F-H

The South Carolina State Library maintains a print vertical file collection of information about towns, cities, counties, events, people, landmarks, and other topics relating to South Carolina.

Vertical File F-H

  • Fairfield County-Description (SCVF)
  • Fairfield County-Maps (SCVF)
  • Fairfield County-Officials and employees (SCVF)
  • Fairlawn Barony (SCVF)
  • Faith Cabin Libraries
    See: Biography-Buffington, William Lee
  • Falconry (SCVF)
  • Family of the Year (SCVF)
  • Farm Bureau (SCVF)
  • Farm ponds (SCVF)
  • Farmer’s Alliance
    See: Land reform
  • Fat and Ugly Caucus (SCVF)
  • Faults (Geology) (SCVF)
  • Federal regulations
    See: Legislation-U.S.
  • Ferguson (SCVF)
  • Ferries (SCVF)
  • Festival of Flowers (SCVF)
  • Festivals (SCVF)
    See also: Spoleto Festival and Festival of Flowers
  • Fiction
    See: South Carolina Fiction Project
  • Filibusters (SCVF)
  • Films
    See: Moving pictures
  • Fire departments (SCVF)
  • First Baptist Church, Columbia (SCVF)
  • “Firsts”
    See: History
  • Fish, Dried (GVF)
  • Fishes (SCVF)
  • Fishing (SCVF)
    See also: Santee Cooper Project and artificial reefs
  • Fishing nets (GVF)
  • Fishing-Regulations
    See: Hunting and fishing-Regulations
  • Fish traps (GVF)
  • Flags (SCVF)
  • Flags-Africa
    See also: African-Americans-Flags
  • Flags-United States (GVF)
  • Floating fish traps
    See: Fish traps
  • Floods (SCVF)
  • Florence County (SCVF)
    See also: Atomic bomb-Accidents
  • Florence County-Industries (SCVF)
  • Florence-Description (SCVF)
  • Florence-Galleries and museums (SCVF)
  • Florence-Industries (SCVF)
  • Florence-Maps (SCVF)
  • Flour mills (SCVF)
  • Flowers (SCVF)
  • Fluor Corporation (SCVF)
  • Folk art (SCVF)
  • Folk Heritage Awards (SCVF)
  • Folklore (SCVF)
  • Food refunding
    See: Coupons
  • Foreign corporation
    See: Corporations, Foreign
  • Foresters Council of South Carolina (SCVF)
  • Forests and forestry (SCVF)
  • Fort Dorchester
    See: Dorchester State Park
  • Fort Hill (SCVF)
  • Fort Jackson (SCVF)
  • Fort Lauderdale, Florida-Maps
    See: Miami, Florida-Maps
  • Fort Mill-Maps (SCVF)
  • Fort Sumter (SCVF)
  • Fort Watson (SCVF)
  • Fort White
    See: Belle Isle Plantation
  • Fort Worth, Texas-Maps (GVF)
  • Fortifications
    See: SCSLSee also: Names of forts
  • Forty Acre Rock (SCVF)
  • Fossils (SCVF)
  • Four Holes Swamp (SCVF)
  • Francis Beidler Forest
    See: Four Holes Swamp
  • Francis Marion University (SCVF)
  • Francis Marion University-Libraries (SCVF)
  • Friends of the Coast (SCVF)
  • Friendship College (SCVF)
  • Fripp Island (SCVF)
  • Frogmore Stew
    See: Beaufort Stew
  • Furman University (SCVF)
  • Gaffney (SCVF)
  • Gaffney Murder
    See: Murder-Gaffney
  • Galivant’s Ferry (SCVF)
  • Galleries and museums (SCVF)
  • Galleries and museums (SCVF)
    See also: specific names of galleries and museums and specific names of city or county
  • Game and game birds (SCVF)
  • Gardens (SCVF)
  • Genealogy (SCVF)
  • Genealogy-Periodicals (SCVF)
  • General Assembly
    See: South Carolina General Assembly
  • General Sherman (ship) (SCVF)
  • Geographic centers (GVF)
  • Geography (SCVF)
  • Geography-Historical (SCVF)
  • Geological Survey (SCVF)
  • Geology (SCVF)
  • George Washington Trail
    See: Trails
  • Georgetown County-Description (SCVF)
  • Georgetown County-Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
  • Georgetown County-History (SCVF)
    See also: Winyah Bay-History
  • Georgetown County-Maps (SCVF)
  • Georgetown-Description (SCVF)
  • Georgetown Education Center (SCVF)
  • Georgetown-Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
  • Georgia-Maps
    See also: Augusta-Maps
  • Gettysburg, Battle of, 1863 (SCVF)
  • Gheel, Belgium (GVF)
  • Ghost towns
    See: Cities and towns, Ruined, extinct, etc
  • Ghosts (SCVF)
    See also: Wampee Ghost
  • Glencairn Gardens (SCVF)
  • “God Bless America”
    See: Songs
  • Gold mines and mining (SCVF)
    See also: Ridgeway Mining Co.
  • Gold Nugget Trail
    See: Trails
  • Golf (SCVF)
  • Golf-Links (GVF)
  • Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital (SCVF)
  • Government liability (SCVF)
  • Governors  (SCVF)
    See also: specific names
  • Governors-Inauguration (SCVF)
  • Governor’s Mansion (SCVF)
  • Governors-Messages (SCVF)
  • Governor’s School for the Arts
    See: South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts
  • Governors-United States-Bibliography (GVF)
  • Graniteville-Industries (SCVF)
  • Gravel Hill (Allendale County) (SCVF)
  • Greenville County-Clubs (SCVF)
  • Greenville County-Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
  • Greenville County-Industries (SCVF)
  • Greenville County-Maps (SCVF)
  • Greenville County Museum of Art (SCVF)
  • Greenville County-Population (SCVF)
  • Greenville-Description (SCVF)
  • Greenville-Historic buildings (SCVF)
  • Greenville-History (SCVF)
  • Greenville-Maps (SCVF)
  • Greenville Technical Education Center (SCVF)
  • Greenwood County-Description (SCVF)
  • Greenwood County-History (SCVF)
  • Greenwood-Description (SCVF)
  • Greyhound Bus Terminal, Charleston (SCVF)
  • Greyhound Bus Terminal, Columbia (SCVF)
  • Gross state product (SCVF)
  • -gry words
    See: English language
  • Guernsey cattle (GVF)
  • Gullah (SCVF)
  • Hall of Fame
    See: South Carolina Hall of Fame
  • Hall of Science and Technology
    See: South Carolina Hall of Science and Technology
  • Hammocks
    See: Pawleys Island
  • Hammond Academy
    See: James H. Hammond Academy
  • Hampton County-Description (SCVF)
  • Handicapped  (SCVF)
    See also: South Carolina Protection and Advocacy System for the Handicapped, Inc.
  • Handicapped-Education (SCVF)
  • Hanover House (SCVF)
  • Harbison (SCVF)
  • Harbors (SCVF)
  • Hardeeville-History (SCVF)
  • Hartsville-Description (SCVF)
  • Hartwell Reservoir (SCVF)
  • Haunted houses (GVF)
  • Hay Report
    See: Officials and employees-Salaries, allowances, etc.
  • Hazardous waste management industry (SCVF)
  • Healing Springs
    See: Mineral waters
  • Herbicides (SCVF)
  • Heritage Corridor (SCVF)
  • Heritage Trust (SCVF)
  • Heritage, USA (SCVF)
  • Highway Patrol
    See: South Carolina Highway Patrol
  • Hilton Head Island (SCVF)
  • Hired Hands
    See: Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands
  • Historic American Building Survey
    See: Historic buildings, etc.
  • Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
    See also: Historic sites
  • Historic sites (SCVF)
    See also: Historic buildings, etc.
  • History (SCVF)
  • History 1945- (SCVF)
  • History-Audio-visual aids (SCVF)
  • History-Bibliography (SCVF)
  • History-Drama (SCVF)
    See also: Parris Island-History-Drama
  • History-Preservation (SCVF)
    See also: Heritage Trust
  • History-Revolution, 1775-1783 (SCVF)
  • History-Revolution, 1775-1783-Campaigns and battles (SCVF)
    See also: Cowpens, Battle of, 1781 and Eutaw Springs, Battle of and Kings Mountain, Battle of, 1780
  • History-Revolution, 1775-1783-Medical and sanitary affairs (SCVF)
  • History-Civil War, 1861-1865 (SCVF)
    See also: Columbia-History-Civil War, 1861-1865 and South Carolina-Politics and government-Civil War, 1861-1865
  • History-Civil War, 1861-1865-Naval operations (SCVF)
  • History-Civil War, 1861-1865-Regimental histories (SCVF)
  • History-Civil war, 1861-1865-Veterans (SCVF)
  • Hobcaw Barony (SCVF)
  • Holy Savior Priory (SCVF)
  • Home rule
    See: Local government
  • Home schooling
    See: Domestic education
  • Homestead law (GVF)
  • Honea Path strike
    See: Strikes and lockouts
  • Honeysuckle
    See: Kudzu
  • Honorary citizenship (GVF)
  • Hootie and the Blowfish (SCVF)
  • Horry County-Description (SCVF)
  • Horry County-History (SCVF)
  • Horry County Museum (SCVF)
  • Horse-Shows (GVF)
  • Hospitals
    See: Nursing Homes
  • Houston, Texas-Maps (GVF)
  • Huguenot Society of South Carolina (SCVF)
  • Huguenots (SCVF)
  • Hunley Museum (SCVF)
  • Hunley (submarine) (SCVF)
  • Hunting
    See: Shooting preserves
  • Hunting Island
    See: Sandlapper, June 1969
  • Huntington Beach State Park (SCVF)
  • Hurricane Hugo (SCVF)
  • Hurricanes (SCVF)
  • Hydraulic power plants
    See: Water-power electric plants
  • Hydro-electric plants
    See: Water-power electric plants
  • Hypnotists (SCVF)