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Vertical File Index: I-K

The South Carolina State Library maintains a print vertical file collection of information about towns, cities, counties, events, people, landmarks, and other topics relating to South Carolina.

Vertical File I-K

  • Illiteracy (SCVF)
  • Incorporation-Forms
    See: South Carolina Secretary of State
  • Independent Party (SCVF)
  • Indian Camp Forest Trail
    See: Trails
  • Indians (SCVF)
    See also: Catawba Indians and Cherokee Indians and Cheraw Indians and Santee Indians
  • Indians-Antiquities (SCVF)
  • Indians-Biography
    See: Biography-Blue, Gilbert and Biography-Brayboy, James Knox
  • Indians-Portraits (SCVF)
  • Indigo (SCVF)
  • Industrial districts (GVF)
  • Industrial tours (GVF)
  • Industries (SCVF)
  • Information Resource Center (SCVF)
  • Information Resources Management (SCVF)
  • Inman (SCVF)
  • Installation of officers (GVF)
  • Insurance, Automobile (SCVF)
  • International Paper (SCVF)
  • Interns (Legislation) (SCVF)
  • Interstate 95 (SCVF)
  • Interpreters for the Deaf (SCVF)
  • Inventions (SCVF)
  • Inventors (SCVF)
  • Iodine (SCVF)
  • “Irish Blessing”
  • Irish Travelers (SCVF)
  • Irmo-Description (SCVF)
  • Island of Palms connector
  • Italy-Maps (GVF)
  • Jacksonville, Florida-Maps (GVF)
  • James H. Hammond Academy (SCVF)
  • Jamestown (SCVF)
  • Jasper County-Description (SCVF)
  • Jasper County-Recreation (SCVF)
  • Jefferson Davis Trail
    See: Trails
  • Jenkins Orphanage (SCVF)
  • Jessamine, Yellow
    See: Yellow Jessamine
  • Jewelry (SCVF)
  • Jews (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Lewisohn, Ludwig
  • Joggling board (SCVF)
  • John de la Howe School (SCVF)
  • John G. Richards School (SCVF)
  • Jojoba (GVF)
  • “Jubilee” (play) (SCVF)
  • Judges (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Allison, Jack and Biography-Connor, Carol
  • Jury (SCVF)
    See also: Women as jurors
  • Justice (symbol) (GVF)
  • Juvenile literature (SCVF)
  • Kansas City, Missouri-Maps (GVF)
  • Kensington (SCVF)
  • Keowee Key
    See: Retirement communities
  • Keowee-Toxaway Complex (SCVF)
  • Kershaw County (SCVF)
  • Kiawah Island (SCVF)
  • King’s Mountain, Battle of, 1780 (SCVF)
  • Kingstree-Description (SCVF)
  • Kinship (GVF)
  • Kitani Foundation (SCVF)
  • Kiwi fruit (SCVF)
  • Knoxville, Tennessee-Maps (GVF)
  • Korean War-Casualties (SCVF)
  • Korners Folly (GVF)
  • Krispy Kreme (GVF)
  • Kudzu (GVF)