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Vertical File Index: O-Q

The South Carolina State Library maintains a print vertical file collection of information about towns, cities, counties, events, people, landmarks, and other topics relating to South Carolina.

Vertical File O-Q

  • Oakland, California-Maps (GVF)
  • Ocean Forest Hotel (SCVF)
  • Oconee Bells (SCVF)
  • Oconee County-Description (SCVF)
  • Oconee County-History (SCVF)
  • Oconee County-Symbols (SCVF)
  • Oconee State Park (SCVF)
  • Officials and employees (SCVF)
  • Officials and employees-Salaries, allowances, etc. (SCVF)
  • Ohio River and Charleston Railroad
    See: Railroads
  • Oil spills
    See: Birds, Cleaning of
  • Old Brick Church (SCVF)
  • Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon (SCVF)
  • Old Slave Mart Museum (SCVF)
  • Old State Library
    See: State House-Old State Library
  • Old Stone Church (SCVF)
  • Old Town Plantation
    See: Charles Towne Landing
  • Olde English District
    See: Historic sites
  • Opportunity School
    See: Vocational education
  • Orangeburg (SCVF)
  • Orangeburg County-Description (SCVF)
  • Orangeburg County-History (SCVF)
  • Orangeburg County-Schools (SCVF)
  • Order of the Palmetto (SCVF)
  • Order of the Silver Crescent (SCVF)
  • Ordinance of Secession (SCVF)
  • Orphanages
    See: Jenkins Orphanage
  • Osceola (Seminole Chief, 1804-1838) (SCVF)
  • “The Other Side of the Desk”
    See: Poetry
  • Outdoor theater
    See: Theater, Open-air
  • Oyotunji (SCVF)
  • PAL
    See: Program Assistance Line
  • Palmetto Personal Computer Club (SCVF)
  • Palmetto Project (SCVF)
  • Palmetto Tree Project (SCVF)
  • Palmettos
    See: Palms
  • Palms (SCVF)
  • Pan-African colors
    See: Flags-Africa
  • Papal visits
    See: Popes-Voyages and travels
  • Paper money (SCVF)
  • Parades
    See: Floats (parades)
  • Parasites-Man (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Gatch, Donald E.
  • Pari-mutuel betting (SCVF)
  • Paris-Maps (GVF)
  • Parks (SCVF)
    See also: names of specific parks
  • Parris Island (SCVF)
  • Parris Island-History-Drama (SCVF)
  • Patch the Pony (SCVF)
  • Patents
  • Patriots Point (SCVF)
  • Pawley’s Island (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Forsythe, Ruby Middleton
  • Peace symbol
    See: Signs and symbols
  • Peachtree Plantation (SCVF)
  • Peachtree Rock (SCVF)
  • Pee Dee (SCVF)
  • Pee Dee Heritage Center (SCVF)
  • Pee Dee Indians (SCVF)
  • Pendleton District-Description (SCVF)
  • Pendleton District-Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
  • Penn Center (SCVF)
  • Penn Normal, Industrial and Agricultural School, St. Helena
    See: Penn Center
  • Periodicals-Bibilography-Catalogs (SCVF)
  • Persian Gulf Conflict (SCVF)
  • Persian lambs
    See: Fur-bearing animals
  • Philadelphia, Pennsylvania-Maps (GVF)
  • Phillis Wheatley Association
    See: Biography-Hunter, Jane Edna, 1882-1971
  • Phoenix, Arizona-Maps (GVF)
  • Phrases (GVF)
    See: Terms and phrases
  • Physicians-Recruiting (SCVF)
  • Pickens County (SCVF)
    See also: Underdeveloped areas-Land use planning
  • Pickens County-Description (SCVF)
    See also: Pendleton District-Description
  • Pickens County-Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
  • Pickens County-Maps (SCVF)
  • Pickens County-Soils-Classification (SCVF)
  • Piedmont section (SCVF)
  • Pierates Cruze (SCVF)
  • Pinckneyville (SCVF)
  • Pine Ridge (SCVF)
  • Pirogues
    See: Canoes and canoeing
  • Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-Maps (GVF)
  • Planning (SCVF)
    See also: South Carolina Planning Association
  • Plantations
    See: Historic buildings, etc. and Names of plantations
  • Plants (SCVF)
  • Plant tours
    See: Industrial tours
  • Pleasantburg
    See: Greenville
  • Poet laureate
    See: Poets laureate
  • Poetry (SCVF, GVF)
  • Poets (SCVF)
  • Poets laureate (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Rutledge, Archibald and Hyer, Helen von Kolnitz, and Biography-Rees, Ennis and Biography-Freeman, Grance Beacham and Biography-Sinclair, Bennie Lee
  • Poinsettias (GVF)
  • Poinsett State Park (SCVF)
  • Police Code
    See: South Carolina Highway Patrol
  • Political action committees (SCVF)
  • Politics and government (SCVF)
  • Pollution control industry-Taxation (SCVF)
  • Popes-Voyages and travels (SCVF)
  • Porgy
    See: Biography-Smalls, Samuel
  • Portland, Oregon-Maps (GVF)
  • Port Royal
    See: Harbors
  • Portraits (SCVF)
  • Postage-stamps (SCVF)
  • Potter’s Raid, 1865 (SCVF)
  • Pottery-Edgefield District (SCVF)
  • Poverty (SCVF)
  • “Power failure” series
    See: Politics and government
  • Prayers (GVF)
  • Presbyterian Church (SCVF)
  • Presbyterian College (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Jacobs, William P.
  • Presidents-U.S.-Election, 1992 (SCVF)
  • Primaries (SCVF)
  • Prisoners-Law and legislation
    See: Prisons-Law and legislation
  • Prisoners of war (SCVF)
  • Prisoners-Suicidal behavior (SCVF)
  • Prisons (SCVF)
  • Private companies (SCVF)
  • Private schools (SCVF)
  • Procter & Gamble (GVF)
  • Professional Standards Review Organization (SCVF)
  • Program Assistance Line (SCVF)
  • Property tax (SCVF)
  • Prosperity-History (SCVF)
  • Provost Dungeon
    See: Old Exchange and Provost Dungeon
  • Public Health (SCVF)
  • Public lands (SCVF)
  • Public Service Authority
    See: Santee Cooper Project
  • Public television
    See: Television in education
  • Pumas
    See: South Carolina Wildlife (Fall 1961, p. 8), (Summer 1965, p. 9), (Fall 1965), and Saturday Evening Post (3/13/1954, p. 31)
  • Purrysburg (SCVF)
  • Quality of life
    See: Social conditions
  • Quilting frame (GVF)
  • Quilts (SCVF)
  • Quotations (SCVF, GVF)
    See also: Terms and phrases
  • Quail (SCVF)
  • Quality assurance (SCVF)
  • Quality Network
    See: Quality assurance