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Vertical File Index: R-S

The South Carolina State Library maintains a print vertical file collection of information about towns, cities, counties, events, people, landmarks, and other topics relating to South Carolina.

Vertical File R-S

  • R.J. Reynolds Industries-History
  • Race discriminations-Law and legislation (SCVF)
  • Radioactive wastes (SCVF)
  • Radioactive waste disposal
    See: Chem Nuclear Inc.
  • Radio programs-Ratings
    See: Arbitron
  • Railroads (SCVF, GVF)
  • Railroads-History (GVF)
  • Railroads-Signaling (GVF)
  • Raleigh, North Carolina (GVF)
  • Rare books (GVF)
  • Rays (fishes) (SCVF)
  • REACH Project (SCVF)
  • “The Reading Mother”
    See: Poetry
  • Real estate agents (SCVF)
  • Reapportionment
    See: Apportionment (Election law)
  • Reasonover Creek (SCVF)
  • Reconstruction (SCVF)
  • “Red dot store”
    See: Liquor laws
  • Reformatories (SCVF)
  • Refuse and refuse disposal (SCVF)
  • Regional planning (SCVF)
  • Regulators (Vigilante groups)
    See: Vigilance committees
  • Religion (SCVF)
  • Republican Party (SCVF)
  • Republican Primary
    See: Primaries
  • Requests for proposal (SCVF)
  • Research Parks, Industrial
    See: Industrial Districts
  • Resolutions (samples) (GVF)
  • Restructuring
    See: Politics and Government
  • Retirement communities (SCVF)
  • Reusable Space Vehicles-Names (GVF)
  • Revenue (SCVF)
  • Rhodes Scholars (SCVF)
  • Ribbons (GVF)
  • Rice (SCVF)
  • Rice Museum (SCVF)
  • Richard B. Russell Reservoir (SCVF)
    See also: Trotters Shoals Reservoir and Water-power electric plants
  • Richardson Waltz (SCVF)
  • Richland County-Bicentennial (SCVF)
  • Richland County Citizens Committee (SCVF)
  • Richland County-Description (SCVF)
  • Richland County-History (SCVF)
  • Richland County-Maps (SCVF)
  • Richland County-Politics and government (SCVF)
    See also: Columbia-Politics and government
  • Richland County Public Library (SCVF)
  • Richland County-Public welfare (SCVF)
  • Richland County School District One
    See: Columbia-Public schools
  • Richland Technical Education Center (SCVF)
  • Richmond, Virginia-Maps (GVF)
  • Ridgeway (SCVF)
  • Right to die-Law and legislation (SCVF)
  • Ripley’s Aquarium (SCVF)
  • Riverbanks Botanical Garden (SCVF)
  • Riverbanks Zoo (SCVF)
    See also: Zoological gardens
  • Rivers (SCVF)
  • Rivers Bridge, Battle of, 1865 (SCVF)
  • RN numbers
    See: Textile industry-Law and legislation
  • Roads-Conway (SCVF)
  • Rock Hill-Description (SCVF)
  • Rocks (SCVF)
  • Rockton-Rion Railway
    See: South Carolina Railroad Museum
  • Rockville (SCVF)
  • Rocky bottom (Pickens County) (SCVF)
  • Root doctors
    See: Voodooism
  • Rosenwald schools (SCVF)
  • Round O (SCVF)
  • Ruffin (SCVF)
  • Rural development (SCVF)
  • Safety Belts for South Carolina (SCVF)
  • Saint Andrews (SCVF)
  • St. David’s Academy
    See: Society Hill
  • St. Helena Island (SCVF)
  • St. Helena’s Church, Beaufort (SCVF)
  • St. James Church, Santee (SCVF)
  • St. Louis, Missouri-Maps (GVF)
  • St. Paul, Minnesota-Maps
    See: Minneapolis, Minnesota-Maps
  • St. Stephens-Maps
    See: Berkeley County-Maps
  • Salamanders (SCVF)
  • Sales Tax (SCVF)
  • Salley (SCVF)
    See also: Chitlin Strut
  • Salley Collection (SCVF)
  • Salt industry and trade (SCVF)
  • Salt Lake City, Utah-Maps (GVF)
  • Saltpeter (SCVF)
  • Saluda County-Description (SCVF)
  • Saluda Factory Historic District (SCVF)
  • San Migual
    See: Winyah Bay-History
  • San Francisco-Maps (GVF)
  • Sand dollar (GVF)
  • “Sandlapper”
    See: Nicknames
  • Santa Fe, New Mexico-Maps
    See: Albuquerque, New Mexico-Maps
  • Santee Canal (SCVF)
    See also: Santee Cooper Project
  • Santee Cooper Project (SCVF)
  • Santee Indians (SCVF)
  • Santee State Park (SCVF)
  • Savannah-Description (GVF)
  • Savannah River Site-Archaeology (SCVF)
  • Savannah (Schooner) (SCVF)
  • Savannah (Steamship)
    See: Biography-Rogers, Moses
  • Scales of Justice
    See: Justice (symbol)
    See: Television in education
  • Scholastic Aptitude Test (SCVF)
  • School bus drivers
    See: Bus drivers
  • School integration (SCVF)
  • School librarians (SCVF)
  • School nursing (SCVF)
  • School violence (SCVF)
  • Schools (SCVF)
  • Schools-History (SCVF)
  • School reports (GVF)
  • Scientists [see: ]
    See: South Carolina Hall of Science and Technology
  • Sculpture (SCVF)
  • Sculpture-Rock Hill (SCVF)
  • Sea Islands (SCVF)
  • Seattle, Washington-Maps (GVF)
  • Sea turtles (SCVF)
  • Seals (Law) (SCVF)
    See also: Emblems
  • Seaoats (SCVF)
  • Secretary of State
    See: South Carolina Secretary of State
  • Segregation in education (SCVF)
    See also: Summerton
  • Seneca (SCVF)
  • Serials
    See: Periodicals-Bibliography
  • Shag dance
    See: Dancing
  • Sheldon Church (SCVF)
  • Sherman’s march through the Carolinas (SCVF)
  • Ship names (SCVF)
  • Shipwrecks (SCVF)
    See also: History-Civil War, 1861-1865-Naval operations
  • Shrimp fisheries (SCVF)
  • Sidney Park (SCVF)
  • Signs and sign boards (SCVF)
  • Signs and symbols (GVF)
  • Silver articles-Collectors and collecting
    See: Bernard Baruch Collection
  • Silver Bluff (SCVF)
  • Silver mines and mining (SCVF)
  • Simpsonville-Maps (SCVF)
  • Sircie
    See: Words, New
  • Sisters of Charity Foundation (SCVF)
  • Skunk ape (GVF)
  • Slave Mart Museum
    See: Old Slave Mart Museum
  • Smoaks (SCVF)
  • Snakes (SCVF)
  • Snee Farm (SCVF)
  • Snuffy Jenkins and the Hired Hands (SCVF)
  • Social conditions (SCVF)
  • Social Security (GVF)
  • Society Hill (SCVF)
  • Soil Conservation (SCVF)
  • Solar energy (SCVF)
  • Songs (SCVF)
    See also: State songs
  • Songs-Michigan (GVF)
  • de Soto, Hernando
    See: Discovery and exploration
  • South Carolina Academy of Authors (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Academy of Science (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Adjutant and Inspector General (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Artisans Center (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Association of the Deaf (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Athletic Hall of Fame (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Attorney General (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Business Hall of Fame (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Chamber of Commerce (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Coastal Council (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Commission for the Blind (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Commissioner of Agriculture (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Committee for Tax and Spending Limitation
    See: Taxation
  • South Carolina Committee on Children and Youth (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Comptroller General (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Council for Human Rights (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Council for the Common Good (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Council of Family Relations (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Council on Adoptable Children (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Day (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Department of Archives and History (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (SCVF)
    See also: South Carolina Health Department
  • South Carolina Department of Highways and Public Transportation (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Department of Mental Health (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Department of Public Welfare
    See: South Carolina Department of Social Services
  • South Carolina Department of Social Services (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Electric and Gas Company (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Educational Television
    See: Television in education
  • South Carolina Farm Bureau (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Federation of Older Americans (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Fiction Project (SCVF)
  • South Carolina General Assembly (SCVF)
  • South Carolina General Assembly-History (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Hall of Fame (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Hall of Science and Technology (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Health and Human Services Finance Commission (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Health Department (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Highway Patrol (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Historical Society (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Humanities Council (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Humanities Resource Center (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Insurance News Service
    See: Insurance, Automobile
  • South Carolina Library Association (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Literary Association (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Lupis Chapter (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Medical Malpractice Liability Insurance Joint Underwriting Association (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Opportunity School
    See: Vocational Education
  • South Carolina Policy Council (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Protection and Advocacy System for the Handicapped, Inc. (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Public Service Authority
    See: Santee Cooper Project
  • South Carolina Railroad Museum (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Retarded Children’s Habilitation Center (SCVF)
  • South Carolina School for the Deaf and the Blind (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Secretary of State (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Art Collection (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State College (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Employees Association (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Fair (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Library (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Walker, Estellene Paxton, Biography-Callaham, Betty E. and South Carolina State Library Board
  • South Carolina State Library-Awards (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Library Board (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Library Board-Reference Service (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Library Board-Scholarships, fellowships, etc. (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Museum (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State Ports Authority (SCVF)
  • South Carolina State University (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Nance, M. Maceo Jr.
  • South Carolina Student Loan Corporation (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Superintendent of Education (SCVF)
  • South Carolina 2000, Inc. (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Tennis Hall of Fame (SCVF)
  • South Carolina Victim Assistance Network (SCVF)
    See also: Victims of crime
  • South Carolina Waterfowl Association (SCVF)
  • South Carolinian (SCVF)
  • South Caroliniana Society
    See: University of South Carolina-Library
  • South of the Border (SCVF)
  • Southeast Manufacturing Technology Center (SCVF)
  • Southeastern Bibliophile Society (SCVF, GVF)
  • Southeastern University
    See: Biography-Rosenwald, Julius
  • Southern Cross of Honor (GVF)
  • Sovereign immunity
    See: Government liability
  • Space Shuttle
    See: Reusable Space Vehicles-Names
  • Spanish moss (SCVF)
  • Spartanburg County-Clubs (SCVF)
  • Spartanburg County-Descriptions (SCVF)
  • Spartanburg County-Industries (SCVF)
  • Spartanburg-Description (SCVF)
  • Spiders (Brown Recluse) (GVF)
  • Spoleto Festival (SCVF)
  • Stamps, Postage
    See: Postage-stamps
  • Standard of living
    See: Cost and standard of living
  • State emblems
    See: Emblems, state
  • State employee salaries
    See: Officials and employees-salaries, allowances, etc.
  • State Government Organizational Chart
    See: Politics and Government
  • State Hospital
    See: South Carolina Department of Mental Health
  • State House (SCVF)
    See also: African-Americans-Monument
  • State House-Old State Library (SCVF)
  • State Library
    See: South Carolina State Library and State House-Old State Library
  • State Mapping Advisory Committee (SCVF)
  • State Museum
    See: South Carolina State Museum
  • State Park Health Center (SCVF)
  • State Reorganization Commission (SCVF)
  • State songs (GVF)
    See also:  Songs
  • State Treasurer (SCVF)
  • Statues (GVF)
  • Sterling High School (SCVF)
  • Stock exchange (GVF)
  • Stomp Springs Mineral Water
    See: Mineral waters
  • Stomp Springs Syndicate
    See: Mineral waters
  • Stoneware-Edgefield District (SCVF)
  • “Streaking”
    See: University of South Carolina-Student activities
  • Strikes and lockouts (SCVF)
  • Strikes and lockouts-Honea Path (SCVF)
  • Striped bass (SCVF)
    See also: Biography-Bayless, Jack D.
  • The Strom Thurmond Institute (SCVF)
  • Stuart Towne (SCVF)
  • Student loan funds
    See: South Carolina Student Loan Corp.
  • Student societies-U.S. (GVF)
  • Stumphouse tunnel (SCVF)
  • Suffrage (SCVF)
  • Suicide in prisons
    See: Prisoners-Suicidal behavior
  • Summerton (SCVF)
  • Summerville-Description (SCVF)
  • Sumter County-Description (SCVF)
  • Sumter County-Historic buildings, etc. (SCVF)
  • Sumter County-History (SCVF)
  • Sumter County-Universities and colleges (SCVF)
  • Sumter-Description (SCVF)
  • Sumter-Maps (SCVF)
  • Sun City, Hilton Head (SCVF)
  • Sunday legislation (SCVF)
  • Sundials (GVF)
  • Sunflowers (SCVF)
  • Superintendent of Education
    See: South Carolina Superintendent of Education
  • Supreme Court (SCVF)
  • Swan Lake-Iris Garden (SCVF)
  • Symbols
    See: Emblems, and  Signs and Symbols
  • Syrup (GVF)