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Vertical File Index: W-Z

The South Carolina State Library maintains a print vertical file collection of information about towns, cities, counties, events, people, landmarks, and other topics relating to South Carolina.

Vertical File W-Z

  • Wade Hampton Statue (SCVF)
    See: Biography-Hampton, Wade
  • Waldenses-North Carolina (GVF)
  • Wales Garden (SCVF)
    See: Columbia-History
  • Walhalla-History (SCVF)
  • Walnut Grove Plantation (SCVF)
  • Walterboro-Description (SCVF)
  • Walter’s Pine (SCVF)
  • Waltz
    See: Richardson waltz
  • Wampee ghosts
    See: Poetry
  • War service
    See: Armed Forces-Statistics
  • Waring Historical Library
    See: Medical University of South Carolina Waring Historical Library
  • Washington, George-Itineraries-South Carolina (SCVF)
  • Washington Light Infantry (SCVF)
  • Washington Street Methodist Church (SCVF)
  • Water (SCVF)
    See also: Mineral waters
  • Water conservation (SCVF)
  • Water-power electric plants (SCVF)
    See also: Richard B. Russell Reservoir
  • Waterfalls (SCVF)
  • Watermelons (SCVF)
  • Waters, Mineral
    See: Mineral water
  • Waverly Hospital
    See: Good Samaritan-Waverly Hospital
  • Weather (SCVF)
    See also: Columbia-Climate
  • Wedgefield Plantation (SCVF)
  • Wheelchairs (GVF)
  • White House (SCVF)
  • White-water canoeing (SCVF)
  • Who’s Who in South Carolina (SCVF)
  • Wicklow Hall Plantation (SCVF)
  • Wildflowers (SCVF)
  • Wildlife conservation (SCVF)
    See also: Rare animals
  • Wildlife conservation officer (SCVF)
  • Willcox Hotel (SCVF)
  • Williamsburg, Virginia (GVF)
  • Williamsburg County-Description (SCVF)
    See also: Kingstree-Description
  • Willtown (SCVF)
  • Wilson, Woodrow-Boyhood home
    See: Historic buildings, etc.
  • Wine and winemaking (SCVF)
  • Wings and Wheels (SCVF)
  • Winnsboro (SCVF)
  • Winthrop (SCVF)
  • Winthrop University-Ida Jane Dacus Library (SCVF)
  • Winyah Bay-History (SCVF)
  • Women (SCVF)
  • Women as jurors (SCVF)
  • Women authors (SCVF)
  • Women in politics (SCVF, GVF)
    See also: Biography-Johnson, Harriet Frazier and Biography-Van Exem, Elizabeth Gasque
  • Women-Legal status, laws, etc. (SCVF)
  • Women-Suffrage (SCVF)
  • Woodburn Plantation (SCVF)
  • Woodstock fault (SCVF)
  • Words, New (GVF)
  • World War, 1914-1918 (SCVF)
  • World War, 1939-1945 (SCVF)
  • World War, 1939-1945-Casualties (SCVF)
  • Wrestling (SCVF)
  • Wright, Frank Lloyd (SCVF)
  • Wyeth Collection (SCVF)
    See: Greenville County-Museum of Art and The State (4/8/1979: Tempo section)
  • Wyoming-Maps (GVF)
  • Yellow Jessamine (SCVF)
  • Yellow ribbon (GVF)
  • Yemassee (SCVF)
  • York County-Description (SCVF)
  • York-Description (SCVF)
  • Yorktown (Aircraft carrier) (SCVF)
  • Zoological Gardens (SCVF)
    See also: Riverbanks Zoo