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National Disability Voter Registration Week: History and Goals

This guide is intended to provide actionable tips and resources for libraries in any community to create or refine educational and informational voter and voting resources for local disability groups.


REV UP small rectangular red, white, and blue logo with an image of "vote" buttons across the top. The following words appear on the image: Register! Educate! Vote! Use your Power! REV Up!

The REV UP Campaign launched in early 2016.


The REV UP Campaign set out to: 

  • Engage in nonpartisan activities to increase the political power of the disability community
  • Engage candidates and the media on disability issues
  • Help organize the disability community at the state and local level to get more people with disabilities registered to vote and involved in the political process
  • Raise the national profile of the disability community as an influential voting block


 In 2017 and beyond the REV UP Campaign aims to:


  • Establish REV UP State Voting Coalitions to lead the effort to increase the political participation of people with disabilities across their state
  • Advocate to protect and expand voting rights to ensure voters with disabilities are not disenfranchised 
  • Work with protection and advocacy agencies to utilize funding from the Help America Vote Act (HAVA) for their voter engagement activities
  • Target a specific state or local election in 2017 with direct voter registration and Get-Out-The-Vote efforts to measure and demonstrate the disability community’s organizing impact
  • Improve the REV UP website to better share information about state resources and events
  • Arrange in-person meetings at various national disability conferences to connect advocates across the country to share information and resources


In 2017, REV UP is building state voting coalitions around the country. These coalitions consist of state and local disability organizations, and other allies, and aim to increase voter registration and political participation among the local disability community. These coalitions also seek to engage candidates for public office and the media to raise the profile of issues that are important to people with disabilities. 


Visit American Association of People with Disabilities' (AAPD) website to learn more and access resources.