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National Disability Voter Registration Week: Outreach Tips

This guide is intended to provide actionable tips and resources for libraries in any community to create or refine educational and informational voter and voting resources for local disability groups.

Engaging the Disability Community

Important pointers for talking to people about voting:



  • Encourage family, friends, and others to register
    to vote and, if eligible, to request a ballot by mail. 
  • Explain and emphasize the importance of the 
    disability vote and the rights of individuals with
    disabilities to vote
  • Encourage friends, colleagues, and family 
    members to request a REV UP 2017 Toolkit from
  • Recommend, endorse, or encourage support for
    one candidate or party over another.
  • Tell the people which party to register under or
    who to vote for.
  • Coordinate activities with a candidate or
    campaign or political party
  • Target your registration efforts toward any
    particular ideological group, party, or issue. 

Identify Potential Partners

Successful state REV UP Campaigns engage a plethora of partners in sharing resources and information and amplifying impact. The lists below could be used as a starting place for finding partners. 

Potential Partners

Convene a meeting

Once you have identified potential partners in your state:

  • schedule a meeting.
  • In person meetings work great to kick-off a joint collaboration.
  • partners can also convene through a conference call.

If you would like someone from national REV UP to join your meeting or to assist with planning it please contact Zach Baldwin at or (202) 521-4310.

Additional Disability Resources listed by county can be found here.

Check with AAPD for local partners

When you are ready to begin organizing a REV UP Campaign for your area reach out to AAPD to express your interest.

AAPD can help connect you with other advocates in your area and share resources.

Please contact Zach Baldwin, Director of Outreach, at or (202) 521-4310.