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National Disability Voter Registration Week: National Voter Registration Day

This guide is intended to provide actionable tips and resources for libraries in any community to create or refine educational and informational voter and voting resources for local disability groups.

About National Voter Registration Day

National Voter Registration Day is celebrated the fourth Tuesday of September. It was first observed in 2012.National Voter Registration Day has been endorsed by the National Association of Secretaries of State (NASS) and by the National Association fo State Election Directors (NASED).

Every year millions of Americans find themselves unable to vote because:

  • they miss a registration deadline.
  • don’t update their registration.
  • or aren’t sure how to register..

National Voter Registration Day wants to make sure everyone has the opportunity to vote. On the designated day volunteers and organizations from all over the country will “hit the streets” in a single day of coordinated field, technology and media efforts.

For additional information visit the National Voter Registration Day website.

What it Involves

  • Volunteers in their community or workplace, at schools or public events, or anywhere we can register people to vote
  • Technology to help voters find registration drives nearby and register to vote online
  • Local partners, such as local organizations, businesses and election offices engaged in their own communities
  • Time and space for tens of thousands of people registering to vote online and in-person in a single day

How to Partner

Individuals or organizations choosing to partner with the National Voter Registration Day will need to register on the National Voter Registration Day website. 

Commit to one or more of the following:

  • Organize an in-person voter registration effort on September 26, 2017.
  • Promote National Voter Registration Day through marketing and communication efforts.
  • Financially support and/or make in-kind donations to National Voter Registration Day.

Other things to consider:

  • Is your organization comfortable allowing external volunteers to register voters on your property?
  • How many voter registrations do you expect to collect?
  • Have you, staff members or your organization registered voters previously?