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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Libraries: BibliObservatory Podcast

Resources for library staff serving diverse populations

The South Carolina State Library is pleased to announce a new bilingual podcast, BibliObservatory. This podcast is a new series of the LibraryVoicesSC podcast available at 

The podcast is co-hosted by Caroline Smith and Ivette Villarreal, who search for the connection between people’s favorite books or childhood stories and how those stories define their lives. Episodes will also be provided in Spanish.

Listeners can find LibraryVoicesSC on Podbean, Stitcher, and Tune In Radio or add us on your favorite podcast app.

For more information, please contact Caroline Smith.

Podcast Episodes

BibliObservatory - Ann Chadwell Humphries - Episode 9 - December 27, 2019
A conversation with Ann Chadwell Humphries of Columbia, SC, about the value of poetry and recitation. Ann also shares her experiences as a South Carolina State Library Talking Book Services patron, braille learner, and poetry student.

This episode takes us to Nica, La Suerte, retold by Lucy Vicioso-Harris (Bogotá, Colombia), who tells us why playing this audiobook over and over again became one of her most treasured childhood memories, and how moving to Polonia when she was teenager made a positive impact on her life. Furthermore, she offers us her views on early literacy as a vital factor for human well-being.

BibliObservatorio - Episodio 8 (Español) - October 31, 2019
Este episodio nos lleva a “Nica, La Suerte”, contada por Lucy Vicioso-Harris (Bogotá, Colombia), quien nos relata por qué este audio libro que escuchaba de pequeña una y otra vez se convertiría en uno de los tesoros de su infancia; y cómo el mudarse a Polonia enriquecería su adolescencia e impactaría positivamente su vida. Asimismo, nos ofrece su visión sobre la formación lectora a temprana edad como factor vital para el bienestar humano.

See All Episodes - full list and resource links

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