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Access SC: FAQs

General information about the Access SC projects.

General FAQs

Kajeet Media Center Checkout: 

The Kajeet Dashboard allows for devices to be checked out through their system but it is not necessary to check materials out this way.  Devices can be checked out through your existing system instead of or in conjunction with the Kajeet Media Center. 

Blocked Sites:

Streaming sites such as YouTube tend to be blocked through the educational filter that is applied to each Mi-Fi device.  These sites are blocked in an effort to reduce the amount of data being consumed.  Even without a video playing, just having the site opened consumes a lot of data. 

Social Media sites such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are blocked through the educational filter that is applied to each Mi-Fi device.  These sites have been deemed non-educational and have therefore been blocked.

Some sites have been restricted but should not be restricted.  Examples of these sites can include YouTube and Facebook or some lesser known sites that are used by teachers and students in their schooling.  If a site has been blocked and needs to be made available this setting can be changed on the Kajeet Dashboard either for one specific device or for all devices within your system.        


IMEI numbers are the individual barcode numbers accompanying each device. These numbers should be recorded on a master list along with any corresponding label that your library may attach to the devices.  This is important because Kajeet and the State Library only know the IMEI numbers for the devices.  In the event something happens this is the number that will be required.

Lost or Stolen Devices:

If a device has been lost or stolen either from the library or from a patron be sure to go into the Kajeet Dashboard and turn off the service to the device.  This way the data will not be able to be used.

Damaged Devices:

The State Library has a 1 year manufacture warranty on the devices but the devices are not covered for damages.  If the device is lost, stolen, or broken it should be reported to the State Library Project Manager including the IMEI number (device barcode number) so the device's service can be turned off through Kajeet.

Fines & Fees:

The State Library does not charge public library partners for any devices.  Many libraries do choose to have a fee/fine attached to the device in the event that the device is lost/stolen so that the library can replace the device.  The cost for each kit is $130 and accessories can be purchased separately through the Kajeet Accessories page.


The internet/broadband access is made available on these devices through Verizon’s 4G Network.

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