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Library Director Resources: New Library Director Checklist

A consolidation of information for new public library directors in South Carolina

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Financial Issues
Planning and the Community
Library Policies
Your Public Library System, SCLENDS, State Library
Legal Issues
Personnel and Employment Issues
Other Issues

Use the list below, or print out the PDF version (at the bottom of this page) and circle the number of each topic you need to learn more about, then let us know how we can help.

Financial Issues

  1. What process does your library system use to develop and manage its budget?
  2. What standard policies and procedures do you use to manage library finances?
  3. What are the State Aid Requirements and who do you contact for more information?
  4. How do you raise funds and solicit donations for the library?
  5. Does your library apply for E-Rate?  If so, what is the process?
  6. What types of LSTA grants are available through the State Library?

Planning and the Community

  1. What are the dates of your long-range plan?  How do you develop the plan?
  2. Are your required to provide a library annual report?  How is it developed? Who do you share it with each year?
  3. What are the South Carolina Public Library Standards?
  4. What are some of the best ways for you to learn about your community?  What groups or individuals should you meet with?
  5. Where can I find information about South Carolina library history, culture and other useful information?
  6. What kind of technology planning do you do in your library?

Library Policies

  1. What is the library's collection development policy?  When was it last updated?
  2. What are your Internet services, policies and access procedures?
  3. What is your customer service policy?  How do you train staff and volunteers to follow the policy?
  4. What is your library's confidentiality policy?  How do you train staff and volunteers to follow the policy?

Public Library System, SCLENDS, State Library

  1. What documents and/or ordinances established your library system?  How do they outline your responsibilities?
  2. If your library has a regional agreement, what does it cover?  Does it need to be renegotiated? If so, when?
  3. If you are a member of a regional system, who is responsible for what within the system?
  4. What, if any, consortia is your library a part of?
  5. If you are in a regional system, how do you communicate and work together for the benefit of the whole system?
  6. What is your library's interlibrary loan policy?
  7. Is your library a part of SCLENDS?
  8. Does your library participate in Interagency Mail Service (PDF)?
  9. How does your staff access continuing education?
  10. What types of consulting services are provided by the State Library?
  11. Where can I find statistics about my library, and other libraries in the State, compiled by the State Library?

Legal Issues

  1. What are the key South Carolina laws that impact your library? Confidentiality, Sunshine Law, State Aid Legislation, Public Records, etc.
  2. Does your county have specific ordinances that deal with the library system?
  3. Have you read the Library Laws, Regulations and Attorney General Opinions?
  4. How does your library comply with the Americans With Disabilities Act?

Personnel and Employment Issues

  1. How is the library's personnel handled within the library and county or city government?
  2. Who makes personnel policies in your system?
  3. Do you have an employee handbook that your staff can freely access?

Other Issues

  1. Who owns and is responsible for maintaining your library building?  Where is a set of building plans?
  2. How does your library market services?  Is someone in charge of marketing?
  3. What is the role of your Friends group or groups?  Who works with their leadership?
  4. Do you have a Foundation? If so, what is their role?
  5. What is the makeup of your library board?  How often does it meet?


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