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South Carolina Read Eat Grow: Home

This guide contains resources pertaining to the SC State Library "SC Read Eat Grow" initiative, encouraging nutrition education, health literacy and food-related programming in public libraries.

About SC Read Eat Grow

SC Read Eat Grow is an initiative started by the South Carolina State Library in an effort to increase information regarding and access to healthy food. Over the last year, we have been gathering information to combine cross-disciplinary resources from health, wellness, safety, family literacy, learning, reading exercise, cooking and community outreach to build a comprehensive Food Literacy Program for the state of South Carolina. An initial pilot program called SC Plants the Seed combined food education and family wellness services through a partnership with state agencies and a farmer at the public library. "Read Eat Grow" is a new initiative under the umbrella of food literacy to include training and outreach all year long.

Libraries are passionate about helping people connect to reading opportunities for lifelong education, bettering lives each day. This new project will connect those doing great work in this area including state agencies, libraries, health organizations, literacy groups, food educators, and migrant communities.