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Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion in Libraries: BibliObservatory

Resources for library staff serving diverse populations

The South Carolina State Library is pleased to announce a new bilingual podcast, BibliObservatory. This podcast is a new series of the LibraryVoicesSC podcast available at 

The podcast is co-hosted by Caroline Smith and Ivette Villarreal, who search for the connection between people’s favorite books or childhood stories and how those stories define their lives. Episodes will also be provided in Spanish.

Listeners can find LibraryVoicesSC on Podbean, Stitcher, and Tune In Radio or add us on your favorite podcast app.

For more information, please contact Caroline Smith.

Latest Episodes


BibliObservatory - Gigi Towers - Episode 15

January 27, 2021

For Guillermina (Gigi) Towers, growing up was a very rich cultural experience. Panama and Puerto Rico are the axis of her family history, as well as all of the stories and tales she heard from her early years. History and tradition, Spanish and English, traveling overseas, and a short version of her first name are only a little hint of her marvelous world that always give her love, comfort, and a sense of direction.

Bibliobservatory Transcripts, Photos, and Nomination Forms


BibliObservatorio - Gigi Towers - Ep 15 - Español

January 27, 2021

La infancia de Guillermina (Gigi) Towers fue de una gran riqueza cultural. Panamá y Puerto Rico fueron el eje central de su historia familiar, así como lo fueron aquellos cuentos e historias que escuchó de pequeña. Historia y tradición, el español y el inglés, viajes por distintas latitudes y la versión abreviada de su primer nombre son algunas de las claves de su mundo maravilloso que le da amor, la reconforta, y le ofrece guía.

Transcripciones de BibliObservatorio, fotografías y formularios para nominaciones



BibliObservatory - Ellen Stringer - Episode 14

December 17, 2020

Ellen Stringer (Maryland, PA) calls Richmond (VA) her hometown. The Cow and the Silo would be the first of many stories that she remembered read by her mother. These stories mark the beginning of a path in which stories and books became essential not just in her life but the lives of families and diverse communities that she served as a childrens and youth librarian.  Why are books and storytelling so important for us and indispensable during challenging times? Find out in this episode!


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