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State Aid to South Carolina Public Libraries: State Aid

State Aid

Aid to County Library Funding - State Aid

Aid to County Library funding, typically referred to as State Aid funding, is appropriated by the General Assembly to assist public libraries in providing basic levels of service to South Carolina citizens. State Aid funding is not guaranteed and should not be relied on in lieu of local library support. (S.C. Code of Laws, § 60–1–80, S.C. Code of Laws, § 60-1-90, S.C. Code Regs. Vol. 26 Chapter 75-1,2)

State Aid funding can be used for the following:

  • To employ professional and preprofessional librarians who meet the South Carolina State Library certification requirements. 
  • To provide training and continuing education opportunities for employees and trustees of the library consistent with South Carolina Public Library Standards published by the South Carolina State Library.
  • To secure services of outside expertise in areas of library operations and services.
  • To purchase or lease library materials and resources in all formats for service to the public.
  • To purchase or lease library and office equipment and services.
  • To purchase a new bookmobile and other vehicles for public service use and pay for their operations. Vehicles may not be assigned to individuals for personal use.
  • To provide an annual audit of the financial records of the library prepared by a certified public accountant provided such audit is not part of the general county audit paid for by the county.

State Aid funding cannot be used for the following:

  • rent for library buildings
  • purchase of land
  • construction 
  • repairs to building 
  • operating expenses such as utilities or janitor supplies

State Aid Forms

The State Library automatically distributes 1st quarter state aid funds to all libraries.

In order to receive funding for the rest of the year, libraries must submit the following documents:

  • South Carolina State Aid Compliance Certification
    This form certifies that your library is in compliance with all statutory regulations related to the acceptance of state aid funding. This form is to be completed and signed by the Library Director. 
  • Maintenance of Effort (MOE) Statemen
    This form certifies that the library has met the required level of financial support from local funding. This form is to be completed and signed by the County Administrator/Manager or County Finance Officer.  

If a county is unable to provide adequate funding for the Library’s expenditures, a waiver will not be issued and State Aid will be withheld until they are able to do so. The South Carolina Code of Laws, Section 60-1-90, and the South Carolina Code of Regulations, Vol. 26, Chapter 75-1-C states that: “Local library support shall be not less than the amount actually expended for library operations from local sources in the second preceding year.”  

  • State Aid Agreement and Library Budget Form
    This form certifies that the library will adopt an annual budget with balanced proportions among personnel (65% - 70%), information resources (15% - 20%), and maintenance (10% - 20%). This form is to be completed by the Library Director and signed by both the Library Director and the Library Board Chair in the presence of a quorum.
  • Library/County Audit
    Each library is required to submit one hard copy or electronic file of the library’s audit (or the county’s audit if no separate audit is prepared) corroborating local support for the second preceding fiscal year.

Receiving Funds

When the State Library is notified that State Aid payments are released by the Comptroller General’s Office, Breanne Smith will send the library director an email stating that electronic payment was sent to the County Treasurer’s Office or Library. Paper checks have been eliminated, all payments are made electronically.

Schedule of Payments

  • 1st Quarter- July
  • 2nd Quarter- October
  • 3rd Quarter- January
  • 4th Quarter- April


For additional information on State Aid in South Carolina, contact 

Breanne Smith, Executive Assistant 
1500 Senate Street
Columbia, SC 29201 


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