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Genealogy Resources at the South Carolina State Library: Print Resources at the State Library: A Sample

The South Carolina State Library may not have the genealogy resources you need for family research, but it has important resources for guiding you on to other places, including state and federal agencies and your own county public library

Catalog guide

This is a sample of books in our collection. To find more, search our catalog, SCLENDS (restrict to State Library), to find titles on county and city histories, historical events, and biographies of famous South Carolinians.

South Carolina Biographical Dictionaries

Dictionary of South Carolina Biography v. 1  Richard Cote.  Southern Historic Press, 1985. Ref SC 920.0757 COTE (This item can serve as an index for many of the other titles listed here.)

South Carolina architects, 1885-1935: a biographical dictionary.  Wells, John  SC 720.9757 WELL

South Carolina encyclopedia guide to South Carolina writiers.  810.997570 Sout

Names in South Carolina Columbia, USC Department of English, 1954-1983.  SC 917.57 NAME v.10-30

Who’s who in South Carolina: a standard biographical reference book of South Carolina  920 whos

South Carolina biographical dictionary: people of all times and places who have been important to the history and life of the state. SC 920.0757 SOUT

Men of the time; sketches of living notables. Garlington, J.C.  SC 920 GARl

Biographical sketches of the bench and bar of South Carolina O.Neall, John Belton.   SC 920 ONEA

South Carolina bench and bar. Brooks, Ulysses Robert.  SC 920 BROO

Cyclopedia of eminent and representative men. Edward McCrady, Brant & Fuller, 1892. SC 920.CYCL V.1-2.

Men of Mark in South Carolina. J.C. Hemphill, 1905. SC 920 HEMP v.1-4.

Voices of Black South Carolina; legend & legacy. Damon Fordham, History Press, 2009 SC 920 FORD.

South Carolina lives 1963; the Palmetto who's who. Louise J DuBose, Historical Record Association, 1963. SC 920 SOUT.

South Carolina women; their lives and times. Spruill, Marjorie, University of Georgia Press, 2009 SC 920.72 SOUT.

Lowcountry families in World War II, a memorial, we mourn the fallen and honor all who served.   Smart, Jacob E  SC 940-54 Smar

The history of South Carolina: Biographical. David Wallace. American historical society, 1934. SC 975.7 WALL v.4

General South Carolina Resources

Local and family history in South Carolina: a bibliography.  Richard N Cote, Southern Historical Press, 1981  SC 016.929 COTE C1

Dictionary of South Carolina Biography v. 1 Richard Cote Southern Historical Press, 1985  SC 920.0757 COTE v.1 c.1

South Carolina a guide for genealogists. Theresa Hicks, Peppercorn Publications, 1985 SC929.1 HICKS c.1

South Carolina genealogical research. George Schweitzer, 1985. SC 929.1 Schweit c.1

South Carolina Genealogies, articles from South Carolina Historical Magazine. Reprint Company 2015. S.C. 929.1 Sout

Hunting your ancestors in South Carolina. Evelyn Frazier, Florentine Press, 1969. SC 929.3 Bryan c.1

A guide to South Carolina genealogical research and records.  Brent Holcomb, 1998. SC 929.3 HOLCO 1998 c.1

Special South Carolina Resources

Index to wills of Charleston County South Carolina 1671-1868.Charleston Free Library, 1950. SC 929.3 Charleston C.1

Heads of Families at the first census of the United States taken in the year 1790 South Carolina.  Washington, Government Printing Office, 1908  SC 317.57 United c1

South Carolina counties and circuit court districts, A.D. 1785. WPA Historical Records Survey , 1938. SC 347.757 south  c.1

First settlers of South Carolina, 1670-1680. A Baldwin, USC press, 1969. SC Docs T7315 3.B55 c.1

South Carolina portraits. National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in South Carolina, 1996 SC 704.942 South c.1

Abstracts of wills of the state of South Carolina 1670-1740. Carolina Moore and Agatha Simmons, Bryan Co, 1960 SC 929 MOORE v.1-3

Marriage Notices in the South Carolina Gazette 1732-1801. A.S. Salley, 1902  SC 929 Salley

General Genealogy Resources

You can write your family history.  Sharon D Carmack, Genealogical Printing, 2003. 808.066929 CARM

Guide to naturalization records of the United States. Christina Schaefer, Genealogical Publishing, 1997. 929.373 SCHAEFE

Finding your roots. Janice Schultz. Huron Street Press, 2013. 929.1072 SCHU

Genealogical research on the web. Diane Kovacs, Neal Schuman, 2002.  929.1 KOVAC

African American genealogical research, rev. Harry Matthews, 2007 929.1 MATTH

Genealogical reocrds in the National Archives., 1983 GS 4.22:5/5 (brochure)

Guidelines for official records and personal papers.  National Archives and Records Administration, 1985 GS 4.6/2: R24/8 (brochure)

Vital Records. Shamila Bhatia. South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1993. Ref Ar255Pu 2.V47 c.1 (brochure)

Black family research. National Archives and Records Administration, 2010. AE 1.124:108/2010 (brochure)

Using civilian records for genealogical research in the National Archives Washington, DC, area, 2009. AE 1.124:110/2009 (brochure)

Researching family history a workbook. Alexia Helsley, South Carolina Department of Archives & History, 1996. Ar255Pub 8.G31 c.1

South Carolina Military Resources

Roster of South Carolina patriots in the American Revolution.  Bobby Gilmer Moss, Genealogical Publishing Co, 1985.  SC 973.3 MOSS c.1

Confederate Military History .VI South Carolina  Clement Evans, editor, Confederate Publishing Co, 1899.  SC 973.7 Evans

Dark Hours, South Carolina soldiers, sailors and citizens who were held in federal prisons during the War for Southern Independence, 1861-1865. Randolph Kirkland, South Carolina Historical Society, 2002.  SC 973.772 KIRKLAN c.1

And were the glory of their times. Artillery.  Herbert Chambers, Broadfoot Publishing, 2014. SC 973.76 CHAM c.1

And were the glory of their times Cavalry. Herbert Chambers,  Broadfoot publishing, 2014.  SC 973.76 cham X.1

Military operations of the Civil War. A guide-index to the official records of the Union and Confederate Armies, 1861-1865 v.1-5. National Archives and Records Service, 1977. R 973.74 UNITED v.1-5.

Civil war unit histories. Part 1 The Confederate States of America and border states.  University Publications, 1992. R 973.742 CIVIL.

South Carolina Confederate soldiers,  1861-1865 v.1-2, name and unit  Janet B. Hewett, Broadfoot Pub, 1998  SC 973.7457 South v.1-2

South Carolina African Americans in the Civil War. South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1992. Ar255Pu 3.D52 No.6 c.1

Historical roster and itinerary of South Carolina volunteer troops who served in the late war between the Unite States and Spain, 1898. J.W. Floyd, R.L Bryan, 1901. SC 973.89 FLOY

The official roster of South Carolina servicemen and servicewomen in World War II, 1941-6. South Carolina Adjutant-General's Office, 1972. Ad495 2.S36 v.1-5.

Initial rosters, organizations and units of the South Carolina National Guard. South Carolina Adjutant-General's Office, 1942. Ad495N 8.D46

The official roster of South Carolina soldiers, sailors and marines in the World War, 1917-18.  South Carolina Adjutant-General's Office, 1929. A Guide to Civil War records. Patrick McCawley,  South Carolina Department of Archives and History, 1994. Ar255Pu 2.C48-2 C. 1

Roll of the Dead. South Carolina Department of Archives and History. 1994.  Ar255 2.D31-2 c.1

Don't Forget: Church Histories

South Carolina has many churches that can trace their membership back to early state or even colonial days. The State Library has a few materials on these churches and the histories may include information on founders or staff. Use the church name as a subject in the online catalog for the Library.

County Histories--A Sample

Legendary locals of Greenville. Cindy Landrum, Arcadia Publishing, 2015.  SC 920 Land

History of Williamsburg by William Willis Boddie, Reprint Company, 1992.  SC 975-983 BODDIE 1992.

A Goodly Heritage, history of Chester County South Carolina.  Anne Pl Collins, R. L. Bryan Company, 1986. SC 975.747 Collins

Historical sketches of Sumter County.  Cassie Nicholes, Sumter County Historical Commission, 1981. SC 975.769 Nicholes

History of Lower Richland County and its early planters. Virginia G Meynard, R.L. Bryan Co., 2010.

History of Newberry County South Carolina Thomas H. Pope, University of South Carolina Press, 1992. SC 975.739 Pope

Greenwood County: a history. Ann Herd Bowen, The Museum, 1992. S.C. 975.733 Bowen

The history of Lowndesville South Carolina. H. A. Carlisle, Reprint Company, 1999. S.C. 975.735 Carlisl

History of Spartanburg County, S. C. J.B.O. Landrum. Franklin Printing and Publishing Co, 1960 (1900). S.S. 9750729 Landrum 1960.

General Military Resources

Guide to federal archives relating to the Civil War. Kenneth Munden and Henry Beers, National Archives, 1962. R 973.7 Munden.

Guide to the archives of the government of the Confederate States of America.  Henry Beers, National Archives, 1968. R 973.7 Beers

The War of the Rebellion; a compilation of the official records of the Union and Confederate armies. General index and additions and corrections.  Washington: Government Printing Office, 1901.  R 973.7 U.S. War/Index

Army official records on cd rom.  Broadfoot Publishing Company, 1997. R 973.73 ARMY (includes cd)

Military service records at the National Archives, 2007. AE 1.124:109

Pictures of the Civil War. National Archives. GS4.2:C49/2/981 (brochure)

Military service records in the National  Archives of the United States, 1977 GS 4.22:7/2 (brochure)