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Information for SCLENDS Members: Home

Repository for information for SCLENDS consortium members.

Information for SCLENDS Members

This LibGuide contains information for SCLENDS members. You will find resources related to the consortium in general and resources related to use of the Evergreen web client.

All consortium members are welcome to share any information or documentation they have created.  This guide exists to provide a home online for such documents, so that we may further share our resources.

Please feel free to submit any documentation you would like to include on the SCLENDS sys admin listserv, or contact Meg Stroup directly.

This guide is a work in progress.


​SCLENDS is a consortium of South Carolina libraries. SCLENDS cardholders are able to use a single catalog to access over 2.75 million items from our 20 member library systems. A shared courier service allows items to move from library to library, at no cost to the user. Our shared open source ILS, Evergreen, is web-based and highly scalable.. 

We are proud that South Carolina can be a leader in this trend of allocating resources more intelligently and using communal resources to grow our tools. This allows individual libraries to focus on providing services to our local communities.

We welcome inquires from library systems that would like to learn more about how to join SCLENDS.