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Grandfamily Resource Centers: In the Media


  • Who said it's easier the second time around? - Grandparents raising their grandchildren is a growing trend across the country. We look at parenting help the second time around. 
  • Time Out for Grandparents Raising Grandchildren - Having taken on the full responsibility of raising a child—or children—many grandparents end up with little or no time for themselves. (Fairfax Co, VA)
  • Raising Grandchildren - Many grandparents today face the challenge of raising grandchildren when their own children are no longer able to.
  • Grandparents raising grandchildren - A news piece takes a look at Grandparents who end up parenting their own grandchildren and how the process has changed their relationships. Produced by journalism students at Humboldt State University.
  • Grandparents Raising Kids - This series for parents and caregivers of young children shines a spotlight on grandparents who are raising their grandkids. It includes an activity that helps create a lasting bond between grandparent and child.
  • ‘Grandfamilies' program offers help to Utahns raising grandchildren - ‘Grandfamilies' program offers help to Utahns raising grandchildren. Cases involving parents with drug issues are behind a complicated trend in Utah: a growing number of grandparents raising their children's children. One service organization in Utah offers these "Grandfamilies" a life line.
  • Kellie Pickler Goes to Washington - Former American Idol finalist Kellie Pickler performed at the U.S. Capitol as part of the GrandRally, an event that draws attention to the plight of grandparents raising their grandchildren. (May 9)
  • Grandparents instead of parents - Grandparents raising their grandchildren is a growing trend across the country. We look at parenting help the second time around.
  • Grandparents Step In To Raise Grandkids - In many cases, grandparents are raising their own grandchildren. From KCRA. 
  • Minnesota Kinship Caregiver Assoc. Video - Questions that caregivers have about legal aspects of raising children. The entire video is available from MKCA,
  • It's About You! - Growing Kentucky, December 2009 - Thousands of grandparents in this country take on the daunting task of raising their children’s children. Get some insight on the challenges involved with raising grandchildren and the support systems available.


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  • New housing developments geared toward grandparent-led families