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South Carolina Government and Statistics: State Agencies Name History

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Personal Names

These personal names are from the LOC Authority Headings if available.

  • Adams, James H.
  • Ansel, Martin F.
  • Beasley, David M.
  • Blackwood, Ibra C.
  • Beasley, David M.
  • Blease, Coleman L.
  • Byrnes, James F.
  • Campbell, Carroll A., Jr.
  • Edwards, James B.
  • Evans, John G.
  • Haley, Nikki
  • Harley, Joseph E.
  • Harvey, Wilson G.
  • Heyward, Duncan C.
  • Hodges, James H.
  • Hollings, Ernest F.
  • Jefferies, Richard M.
  • Johnston, Olin D.
  • Manning, John L.
  • Manning, Richard I.
  • Maybank, Burnet R.
  • McLeod, Thomas G.
  • McNair, Robert E.
  • McSweeney, Miles B.
  • Richards, John G.
  • Richardson, John P., Jr.
  • Riley, Richard W.
  • Russell, Donald S.
  • Sanford, Mark (Marshall C.)
  • Scott, Robert K.
  • Thurmond, Strom
  • Tillman, Benjamin R.
  • Timmerman, George Bell
  • West, John C.
  • William, Ransome J.

SC State Agencies Names History

The following state agency names history was first compiled during 2000 by the Information Services staff at the South Carolina State Library and updated in 2014. Any changes and/or corrections should be directed to The list is not meant to be a history of the agency, but a convenient guide to the current and previous agency names.

Current and Previous Agency Names