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LSTA at the South Carolina State Library: Evaluating Your LSTA-Funded Project

This libguide contains information about the LSTA program, instructions and forms for public libraries seeking sub-grants, and tips for evaluation of grant-funded services.

Grant Evaluation

What are your project participants getting out of the project? What changes are taking place (outcomes) in participants' skills, knowledge, attitude, behavior, and/or quality of life? How do we know these changes took place (indicators)? What evidence do we have that outcomes were achieved (measurements)

Did your project meet your expectations? Why or why not? What would you do differently if you were able to do the project again?

These are the questions library staff need to consider when developing a project, evaluating it at the end of the year, and at all stages in between. 

LSTA Coordinator

For additional information on LSTA grants in South Carolina, contact LSTA Consultant Monique Walker, (803) 734-0436,

To submit a comment or complaint about the administration of LSTA grants, please contact the SCSL Director, Leesa Aiken, 803-734-8668.