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LSTA Grants for Public Libraries: LSTA Five-Year State Plans

Information about the LSTA program, instructions and forms for public libraries seeking sub-grants, and tips for evaluation of grant-funded services

LSTA Five Year State Plan

The South Carolina State Library receives federal funds in an annual allotment of Library Services and Technology Act dollars administered by the Institute of Museum and Library Services (IMLS). This Federal agency oversees the distribution and expenditure of LSTA funds by State Library agencies. IMLS requires an annual report on the use and effectiveness of the activities and expenditures undertaken with LSTA funding. These reports are submitted to IMLS at the end of the calendar year and can be viewed upon request. Contact the State Library’s LSTA Coordinator, Alexandra Sanders.

Additionally, State Libraries must evaluate and report on the overall use of LSTA funds after each five year period (i.e. the Five-Year Evaluation.) These evaluations are posted on the IMLS website and on this page.

State Libraries must also create a plan for the use of LSTA funds before each five year period (i.e., the Five-Year Plan) The Five-Year Plan, which must be approved by IMLS, identifies the needs of library users and sets forth activities to be taken toward meeting those needs with the assistance of LSTA funds in each five year period. These plans may be viewed on this page and on the IMLS website.

Five Year Plans

LSTA Administration

For additional information on LSTA grants in South Carolina, contact the LSTA Coordinator, Alexandra Sanders, (803) 734-8917.

To submit a comment or complaint about the administration of LSTA grants, please contact the SCSL Director, Leesa Aiken, (803) 734-8668.