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Summer Reading at SC Libraries: Other Resources

A program that entices children and young adults to read throughout the summer in order to keep up the skills they learned during the school year, and encouraging them to become lifelong library users.

Steps for Hiring a Performer

Steps for Choosing a Children’s Performer

1. Contact local performers (when possible)

               -Some performers will charge for travel/lodging, if going a long distance

               -If this is a “must have” performer, see if you can book the person in conjunction with other library branches or local schools, to share the cost


2. Contact local colleges 

                - Many colleges have community service hours requirements, use this to your advantage

                - Consider student athletes, cheerleaders, mascots, etc.


3. Call around for different quotes

                  -It may be possible for performers to give you a discount, since it is a library program


4. Make a choice based on more than just price (I know this is a hard one)

                  - Does the performer seem professional?  Do they have a polished website, flyers, or business cards? Does it seem like they are passionate about their craft?  Are they enthusiastic?


 5. Get written confirmation

                    -Even if this is performer you have worked with before, it is very important to have a written confirmation


 6. Prepare the entertaining space

                -What does the entertainer need in order to pull off his/her performance?

                                -electrical needs, height or space requirements


 7.  Enjoy your Performance!

Useful Tips

Useful Tips

  • Word of mouth is a great way to find a children's performer

                 -Your patrons are a great resource!  Ask parents, teachers, daycare providers, and nannies if they can recommend the type of performmer that you are looking for

  • Call earlier than you think you should

                 -Good performers often book early, especially around the holidays and the summer

  • Have your program information ready

                 -Know the exact date and time of the program (have a back up date if desired date is unavailable)

                 -Ask about cancellation/reschedule fees

                 -Give performer the number of kids that you are expecting and the age range

                 -Ask the performer how many children they can entrain at a time is

                 -Tell them if you have any preferences about the performance

  • Do not be afraid to ask for references or performer qualifications

                -Is the performer a part of any guild or special grouping of children's entertainers? 

  • Set up a book display and have a prepared bibliography in order to support the performance

               -Ask the performer if there are any specific books that they would like out on display

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