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Summer Reading at SC Libraries: Authors

A program that entices children and young adults to read throughout the summer in order to keep up the skills they learned during the school year, and encourages them to become lifelong library users.

Henry Cole

Marilyn Courtot, Author/Illustrator
(301) 469-2070
7513 Shadywood Road
Bethesda, MD 20817

Dinah Johnson

Dinah Johnson. Author
|Columbia, SC

Captain Tim E. Dillinger

Tim Dillinger
(910) 232-2607/ (910) 398-4360
Charleston, SC

Tally Johnson

Tally Johnson, Author/Storyteller/Ghost Stories
Chester, SC

Will Hillenbrand

Contact: Brenda Bowen, Literary Agent
212.206.5672 (phone)
212.463.8718 (FAX)


Sheri S. Levy

Tim Sonefelt

Tim Sonefelt, Humorist
(864) 934-1233 / (864) 231-8933