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U.S. Government Information at the South Carolina State Library: Teachers and Students

Resources from the federal government and information on the federal documents collection at the State Library

General Learning Resources

Legislative Branch: Information and Sites

The President of the United States: Information and Sites

Science and Math


Careers and Education Issues

Department of Labor


  • FAFSA the site for students applying for federal aid for college.
  • NCES kids zone  The zone provides information on schools and colleges, libraries, and has games and quizzes to improve math skills and learn about education.


Health and Physical Education

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

  • Flu Resources  LOTS of material for families and children to download or print.
  • Kids Environment Kids Health A resource for kids, parents, and teachers to find fun and educational materials related to health, science, and the environment we live in today. 
  • BAM! Body and Mind  An extensive website for kids!  Older kids, especially will appreciate the graphic stories and radical information.  Materials for teachers and parents are included.
  • Kids' Quest on Disability and Health A site to help children learn  about disabilities and health.

Food and Drug Administration

Communication and Literature

Library of Congress  The Library of Congress, in addition to its vast print collection, has several websites with educational resources, or kid-friendly pages.

  • Educational Resources Classroom materials and professional development guides for using the digital collections. Poetry, science, history, congressional resources. America’s Story has several activity pages on biography, events, state information, even audio. Primary Source sets has prepared collections of primary documents on favorite topics including American authors, baseball, Civil War music, Jim Crow, political cartoons, etc.
  • American Memory Timeline  This is the central educational site that develops teacher guides using online materials and primary documents to teach important events in American history.
  •  The Center for the Book invites people of all ages to discover the joy of reading. The site allows one to open a book and hear a chapter read.
  • Poetry learning  This is an LOC webpage outlining resources which are available online for teachers.  Includes materials from American Memory collections, Lyrical Legacy of songs and poems, lesson plans, more.

History and Social Science

Words and Deeds in American History  One of the Library of Congress Memory collections. Includes ninety representative documents from the fifteenth century to the mid-twentieth century. Included are the papers of presidents, cabinet ministers, members of Congress, Supreme Court justices, military officers and diplomats, reformers and political activists, artists and writers, scientists and inventors, and other prominent Americans whose lives reflect our country's evolution. Each of several themes is the focus of a separate essay containing links to digital reproductions of selected documents.

National Archives  Explore our nation’s history through documents, photos and records.

  • The Legislative Process: Congress at Work  A complete lesson plan for explaining how Congress makes laws. (grades 7-12).
  • Teacher Resources  guidance for engaging students with primary documents.
  • DOCSTEACH  “Bring history to life for your students.” The National Archives has set up this site for teachers to create activities, find and use documents, borrow activities, videos, lesson plans and instructions. Register, then students can log into the site for a particular activity!
  • Tutorials on YouTube  These tutorials are to assist teachers in registering and using DOCSTEACH.

Ben's Guide to the U.S. Government  Ben's Guide has been around for a long time, offering information and webpages for students in 3 school age divisions, teaching materials, and help for parents.  It now includes games and puzzles and adventures. (Ben's Guide logo)

Core Documents of U.S. Democracy   Essential primary documents to teach and learn about our government.  Links include scanned images of originals.

Department of State

  • Youth and Educators The page has lists of links.  Educator resources include lesson plans for History of Democracy videos of and foreign policy.
  • Discover Diplomacy