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About the Award

photo of Notable State Document Award winners from 2019

The Notable State Documents Awards Program began in 1991 to recognize exemplary state publications. Presented annually by the South Carolina State Documents Depository System, the awards recognize notable documents that were released in the previous calendar year. State agency publications received by the State Library qualify to be nominated by depository librarians, State Library staff, or state agency employees. Agency websites and apps also qualify as nominees.  

All nominations are reviewed by librarians at the State Library, with approximately 20 documents being selected as final candidates. We invite librarians familiar with depository collections and/or state agency representatives to serve as judges. Our judges review the candidates and select the final winners on the basis of criteria such as the document's appeal to a large audience, or its ability to provide significant information to the public.  In honor of Freedom of Information Day, awards are presented each March in a ceremony at the State Library.

The archive for previous winners is available in our State Documents Depository here.

See photos of the award ceremony on the South Carolina State Library Flickr

Enter your nominations for the 2020 Notable State Documents Awards here or click on the Award Logo on the left.

Nominations for publications produced during 2020 will be accepted through December 31, 2020.

2019 Notable State Documents

Monographs (physical or digital)

  • Susceptibility of Public Health Impacts from Flooded Water, Wastewater and Public Health Infrastructure: Guidebook for Community Level Assessment | South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium.
    The purpose of this guidebook is to provide coastal communities with a resource to investigate vulnerable infrastructure that pose risks to public health in our changing climate, with an emphasis on flooding. This guidebook provides stepwise instructions on how to use a novel mixed-methods Susceptibility Index to conduct infrastructure and public/environmental health risk assessments.
  • Office of the Deputy Director for Programs, Reentry, and Rehabilitative Services | South Carolina Department of Corrections.
    This PowerPoint presentation describes the mission of the Division of Programs, Reentry and Rehabilitative Services and the divisions within it.
  • 2019 Southeastern Wildlife Expo: Recipes & Vendors | South Carolina Department of Agriculture.
    This cookbook from the Southeastern Wildlife Exposition highlights recipes from South Carolina chefs. Included are descriptions of vendors attending the exposition with their addresses and descriptions of their businesses.
  • South Carolina Birth Defects Program Resource Guide | South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.
    The South Carolina Birth Defects Program is required to monitor birth defects and refer families impacted by birth defects to services. This guidebook describes different birth defects and provides information and services for families impacted by birth defects.
  • Summary of Living Shoreline Research to Inform Regulatory Decision-Making in South Carolina | South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division.
    Coastal marsh habitats are at risk due to sea level rise, increased storm intensity, coastline development, and shoreline hardening. Living shorelines are a powerful tool to proactively protect estuarine shorelines. The results and guidance contained herein are intended to provide the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control’s Office of Ocean and Coastal Resource Management with the science-based information for creating a regulatory pathway and developing project standards for living shorelines in South Carolina.
  • Welcome to South Fenwick Island | South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, Marine Resources Division.
    This series of interpretive signs describes the history and natural history of South Fenwick Island in the Ashepoo, Combahee, and Edisto (ACE) Basin.


  • Annual Report 2019 | South Carolina Area Health Education Consortium.
    This annual report provides a summary of several of the programs that are addressing the present and future healthcare needs in our state and shows how SC AHEC provides a wide range of services across South Carolina. The AHEC Program is the only organization in the state that addresses healthcare workforce issues starting with school age children and extending to college and health professions students as well as frontline healthcare professionals.
  • Protecting the Palmetto State | South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control, Bureau of Public Health Preparedness.
    This serial discusses the various divisions of DHEC and volunteer organizations that help South Carolina citizens in times of emergency.


  • SC Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities Website | South Carolina Governor's School for the Arts and Humanities.
    The mission of the South Carolina Governor’s School for the Arts and Humanities is to serve the artistically talented high school students of South Carolina through programs of pre-professional instruction in an environment of artistic and academic excellence. The school is a resource for all teachers and students in South Carolina.
  • Patriots Point Naval & Maritime Museum Website | Patriots Point Development Authority.
    The Patriots Point Development Authority was established in the 1970s to develop a naval and maritime museum on Charleston Harbor with the World War II aircraft carrier, USS YORKTOWN as its centerpiece. It is also home to the Patriots Point Museum and a fleet of National Historic Landmark ships, the Cold War Memorial and the only Vietnam Experience Exhibit in the U.S., the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, and the agency's official Medal of Honor Museum. Patriots Point strives to preserve the living history of the nation's bravest men and women while telling their stories in honorable, educational and engaging ways.

2018 Notable State Documents

Monographs (physical or digital)

Clemson University, Public Service Publishing

The format used in this book involves a written description of each plant including its growth habit and details of various portions of the plant such as root systems, stems, leaves, and reproductive structures. To separate and identify closely related plants or plants with similar vegetative characteristics, hints and characteristics with key features are included. Additional information covers habitat or growing conditions in which each plant is usually found, primary means of spread (reproduction), as well as distribution in the USA and throughout the world. Lastly, the plant’s origin is included.

South Carolina Department of Agriculture

South Carolina Agritourism Association

This membership directory gives addresses, contact information, etc. and a short annotation and description of its members farms. A map, divided into regions, shows the farms' locations and a listing of farm activities is included near the index.

South Carolina Department of Juvenile Justice

This new guide will give readers an overview of DJJ and basic statistics on the agency. Part of the goal of this new Data Resource Guide is to provide the reader with an in-depth knowledge of DJJ and the juvenile justice system in South Carolina.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources

This publication gives information on new legislation, contact information, education classes, and rules and regulations for hunting, boating, fishing, and using Wildlife Management Areas.

South Carolina Department of Parks, Recreation and Tourism

This guidebook gives an illustrated description of each state park in South Carolina. In addition, there is a calendar of events, program information, maps and park amenities.

Also available in Spanish 

South Carolina Education Oversight Committee

This guide to the SC School Report Cards website provides an overview and explanation of the key performance indicators of South Carolina’s 2018 School Report Cards. The performance indicators are areas in which SC schools are measured. The reporting of these indicators, as well as the overall Rating, is designed to easily communicate to the public how schools are serving students. The South Carolina School Report Cards provide information to entire communities – educators, parents, business leaders and others – about school performance and the conditions of schools in South Carolina. The Report Card will allow parents and others to see how schools are improving toward meeting the Transformational Goals the state has set. Ultimately, they can be used to help the students who schools serve each day.

South Carolina Forestry Commission

The South Carolina Forestry Commission is proud to present to the citizens of South Carolina this updated edition of the agency’s native forest tree identification manual, originally produced in 2003. This greatly improved guide represents a significant upgrade to its predecessor in scope and detail; in addition to replacing one-color line drawings of trees and their identifying characteristics with full-color photographs, we have added more than a dozen native species than appeared in the first edition, added a section on tree and leaf anatomy, incorporated range maps for every species and included many more anecdotal and characteristic keys to identifying South Carolina’s native trees.

South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority

Each year the South Carolina Jobs-Economic Development Authority produces an annual report describing its activities for the preceding year.



South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium

The South Carolina Sea Grant Consortium publishes Coastal Heritage, a quarterly publication that covers environmental policy, science, history, and culture.


Websites and Apps

South Carolina Department of Education

The South Carolina Department of Education publishes the South Carolina African American History calendar to provide educators, parents, and visitors a method of identifying African American role models for all youth and honoring notable African American achievers with ties to South Carolina.

South Carolina Emergency Management Division

This document is the official app of SCEMD.  It is available for both Apple and Google.  Find out your hurricane evacuation zone (Know Your Zone). Find the latest information on South Carolina State Office Closings and Delays. Includes valuable information on planning and preparing for an emergency and recovering afterward.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climate Office

The State Climate Office publishes this website with current drought conditions, seven drought indicators, descriptions of drought impacts, and legislation and state plans.

2017 Notable State Documents

Monographs (physical or digital)

South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs 
The South Carolina Department of Consumer Affairs publishes Consumer Alerts to alert the public, businesses, and government agencies about scams, product recalls and consumer education. This issue specifically provides information for consumers about holiday scams and holiday shopping.

South Carolina Research Authority 
This report by Joseph C. Von Nessen analyzes the economic impact of the state’s life science industry, comprised of firms in the fields of biotechnology, pharmaceuticals, biomedical technologies, biomedical devices, life systems technologies, food processing, and any organization that is actively engaged in the various stages of research, manufacturing, and distribution of products within these fields.

South Carolina Forestry Commission
Each year the South Carolina Forestry Commission publishes the annual report for its Forest Renewal Program. It includes information about the Forest Renewal Program's accomplishments, impact, financial report, challenges and staff.

South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles 
This brochure by the South Carolina Department of Motor Vehicles explains the REAL ID and the requirements for applying to get one.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climatology Office 
This document by the State Climatology Office gives facts about eclipses and highlights the August event’s traverse over South Carolina.



South Carolina Department of Commerce
 Since 2008, the South Carolina Department of Commerce has published the Economic Outlook, a monthly snapshot of key state economic indicators on income, employment, and real estate.


Websites and Apps

South Carolina Lieutenant Governor's Office on Aging 
The South Carolina Lieutenant Governor’s Office on Aging provides this website for seniors, caregivers, and adults with disabilities to connect to local resources in their communities.

South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services 
The South Carolina Department of Alcohol and Other Drug Abuse Services provides this DHHS-funded website for Just Plain Killers, a public education campaign that charges South Carolinians with taking a pledge to help fight opioid use and abuse in our state.

South Carolina Department of Transportation Centennial 
The South Carolina Department of Transportation celebrates its centennial with this website with history, timeline, and historical maps.

Clemson Cooperative Extension 
The Clemson University Cooperative Extension serves as the primary public service outreach arm of the University. Its website provides research-based information and education, including county office information and topical publications.

2016 Notable State Documents

Monographs (physical or digital)

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
Many South Carolina residents are concerned about indoor mold after severe weather events. DHEC has compiled this informational handout with recommendations to guide decisions regarding mold in homes and workplaces.

South Carolina Forestry Commission
This report summarizes a study conducted by the South Carolina Forestry Commission on the Indian market during the second half of 2015, and it is intended to help the U.S. Southern states’ forest products sector (producers, manufacturers, traders and policy-makers) in examining and preparing for the opportunities this market may offer, by providing them with detailed information on India’s economics, wood fiber network, trade flows and international contacts.

South Carolina Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children
The South Carolina Joint Citizens and Legislative Committee on Children publishes the Data Reference Book as a supplement to their annual report. The book contains findings and recommendations for action on a variety of issues impacting the well-being of South Carolina’s children.

South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative
The South Carolina K-12 School Technology Initiative was founded in 1996, as part of the General Assembly’s proactive approach to addressing technology infrastructure, connectivity and education in schools. The 2014-2015 Progress Report provides details on student learning, classroom technology, infrastructure & security, professional development, collaboration opportunities, and conclusions.

South Carolina Vocational Rehabilitation Department
This document communicates the mission of the Vocational Rehabilitation Department to create relationships among individuals, community partners, agencies, non-profits and businesses. It discusses client services, business services, disability determination services and partnerships.

South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control
In South Carolina, comprehensive plans are required by state law and help local governments define their vision for future growth and change. The SC Healthy Comprehensive Planning Project began as an opportunity to address healthy eating and active living through community planning on a statewide scale. The evaluation results included in this document create a baseline measurement of healthy eating and active living principles in county comprehensive plans across the state.



Santee Cooper
South Carolina Public Service Authority
Santee Cooper publishes PowerSource, a corporate quarterly magazine that profiles the many ways Santee Cooper and employees work to full the mission of improving the quality of life for South Carolinians.


Websites and Apps

South Carolina Arts Commission
The South Carolina Arts Commission curates The Hub, a website featuring arts news and opportunities, resources, calls for art, research, events, and more.

South Carolina National Guard 
South Carolina Office of the Adjutant General

The South Carolina National Guard and the Office of the Adjutant General have an extensive website with agency information for the public, guard members, and family. Of particular interest is the Historian section with timeline, history, architect profiles, today in guard history fact, and other information related to the South Carolina Natural Guard and armories.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climatology Office
The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources, State Climatology Office, created an online journal that includes flood and rescue images, maps of the event and a synoptic and chronological summary of how the historic rain and flooding unfolded with documentation of the meteorological and hydrological records.

South Carolina Department of Natural Resources
The South Carolina Department of Natural Resources created two blogs to bring to readers lively daily discussion on topics related to natural resources conservation, hunting and fishing, outdoor recreation and tourism, SCDNR projects and initiatives, and other news and information that will be of value to our state’s sporting and conservation communities. The South Carolina Coastal Resources blog focuses on the Marine Resources Division, whose mission is to serve as the advocate for and steward of the state’s marine resources.

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